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Biopowered is an unbiased, independent knowledge base and community focused on domestic biodiesel production and vegetable oil motoring.

This is a non-commercial, non-profit site, run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, and open to peer review.

Although based in the UK, members and contributors are welcome from around the world. If you wish to join as a member or contribute, please click this link to register.

Biodiesel pages

Pages related to production and use of biodiesel.

Introduction to Biodiesel

Ingredients and preparation

Processing methods

Processors and equipment

Processor controls and instrumentation


Safety and Testing

Experimental processes, equipment and trials



Vegetable oil pages

Pages related to running engines on vegetable oil.

Introduction to veg oil use

Collection & regulations


Filtration & drying equipment

Vehicles & modifications


Biopowered wiki pages

Pages related to this wiki.

Biopowered forum

Using and contributing to Biopowered wiki