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This site is offered as a knowledge base for home producers of vegetable oil derived biofuels.

It is run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

It is non-profit making, non-commercial and strives to be unbiased.

The founder members are also members of the vegetableoildiesel forum at The contribution of Goat Industries is gratefully acknowledged for providing this platform which has allowed members to keep in contact and exchange ideas for many years, and without which this site would not be possible.

The Wiki is supported by a separate forum, to discuss matters arising.

Although based in the UK, members and contributors are welcome from around the world.

If you wish to join as a member or contribute, please click this link to register.

If you are an active member of the vegetableoildiesel forum and known to the administrators you will be granted editor rights when you join.

Anyone is very welcome to make contributions to, and assist in the editing of, the wiki but if you are not known to the administrators you will be asked to submit your copy or detail your edit before editor rights are granted.