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Methanol burning in a water cooler - source: Mad Physics

Methanol is a clear, colourless alcohol used for biodiesel production. It is highly flammable and toxic - just 10ml is enough to cause blindness. More information about the chemical methanol and it's toxicity can be found on wikipedia and here at the US National Library of Medicine


As with all chemical supplies, the more you buy the cheaper it gets.

Typical prices (November 2010‎):

  • 1000l IBC - about £350
  • 200l drum - about £100
  • 25l drum - about £20 (varies)


Individuals can transport up to 333l of methanol under the "small load threshold" as set out by the HSE - see section 32:

Methanol. This is in transport category 2. The "small load threshold" is 333 litres


Methanol should be kept in airtight HDPE or steel drums in a safe location. It is strongly advised that you consult with your household insurance regarding the storage of methanol on your property - you may find you require the insurance underwriter's permission to do this. Not informing your insurance company may invalidate any claim you make. This would be particularly bad if you have a fire.

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