Heat exchangers and solenoid valves

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Twin-tank system. Parts and plumbing.

The vehicle is started on mineral Diesel, and then the valves switch over to an auxiliary veg tank when the engine reaches full temperature - the heat exchanger is used to raise the temperature of vegetable oil before it reaches the injection pump, using engine coolant to transfer heat across the plates of the heat exchanger.

Before stopping the engine at the end of a journey, the system must be "Flushed or Purged" with mineral Diesel, making it safe to re-start ie: in the morning from a cold start few hours later. Short stops eg: 30 mins etc 99% of the time shouldnt need to purge/flush down, as the engine will still be upto optimum temperature. (winter times may vary!)

Rotary-Motion 21:50, 5 December 2010 (UTC)