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This page contains links to manuals and instruction books covering the more commonly used equipment related to biodiesel. Where possible links are provided direct to manufacturers published material. Some non-English publications have been translated using automated, on-line translation, so please be aware that mistakes in translation are possible.

Inclusion of a product in this page does not imply any form of endorsement or recommendation as to it being fit for purpose, it's purely a compilation of information which may be useful to biodiesel home brewers.


TAM 105

Wiki page on TAM 105 pump including spares list and exploded diagram.

Instruction manual including wiring diagram.

Leo XKM60

Wiki page on Leo XKM60 pump including performance curve.

Mono MS

MS range operation & maintenance manual. (Large file allow time to download.)

Wiki page on Mono MS including repair of mechanical seal.

Mono MM and ML

MM & ML range operation & maintenance manual. (Large file allow time to download.)

PID controllers

Styilong YL-6e

Styilong YL-6E Specifications - English Translation (gif)

Styilong YL-6E Manual - English Translation (pdf)

N2006P or TET-612

This PID appears to be sold badged, under at least two names, however please be aware there may be differances in the instructions.

N2006P simple instructions on setting temperatures

N2006P Installation & wiring instructions

TET-612 instruction manual.

Temperature controllers

Willhi WH7016C

12v version (also available in 24v, 110, and 240v)

Vehicle parts

Bosch VE pump

Recognisable by the fuel inlet banjo being at the driveshaft end of the pump, rather than the distributor end.

Some useful links:

Pump manual (PDF) (mirror)

Rebuild photo guide

Seal replacement photo guide