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If you are an active member of the vegetableoildiesel forum and known to the administrators you will be granted editor rights when you join.

Anyone is very welcome to join the forum to discuss and make contributions to, and assist in the editing of, the wiki but if you are not known to the administrators you will be asked to submit your copy or detail your edit before editor rights are granted.

Editors are free to make minor changes to any page such as corrections to spelling and grammar or adjusting page layout. However, as a courtesy to other contributors, you are requested to contact the contributor via the forum to discuss and agree any major changes in content. Major changes should preferably be made by the original contributor.

This is strictly a non-commercial site and advertising or product promotion will not be accepted. To this end contributions must be wholly informative and unbiased. If germane to the article, reference to commercial organisations or products may be made, but no links to a commercial site may be included. Content from this site may not be used by commercial organisations for promotional purposes.

Any content either in the wiki or on the forum deemed abusive, explicit, discriminatory, racist or simply in poor taste will be removed. Persistent and overtly intentional offenders will be denied access to both the wiki and forum.

For clarity and ease of use, contributors are asked to keep to a preferred but still flexible page layout an example of which, along with further information can be found here New page

Copyright laws must be strictly observed. The owners of this site will not accept responsibility for breach of copyright. This responsibility lies with the contributor. It is preferable that any contribution is new and original, however if you use text, photographs or graphics always obtain permission from the copyright owner and acknowledge their work within yours.

If your contributions are original material, your ownership of the copyright is acknowledged. However, by publishing the material, or agreeing to it's publication on wiki, you agree that the material is published on the site in perpetuity.

Any design, product, or processes considered unsafe may be edited or deleted without consultation.

The decisions of the moderators and administrators in all aspects of running this wiki and forum are final.